Day 2 – Hindsight…

7 06 2010

I believe that every person out there should have the gift of hindsight. And not how you’re thinking about hindsight – being able to look back at life, maybe even before it happens. I’m talking about being able to see your behind! That kind of hind-sight!

I’ll tell you a little story. I took pictures of myself last night in a bikini. OUCH! yep, I said ouch! I thought I looked okay in a bikini, but I had only seen myself from the front. I knew I wasn’t gorgeous, or in great shape, but I never thought that I was as horrendous as that picture showed. I took pictures from the front, the side and the back. Let me tell you – disgusting! Wow! If only I had been able to see that before, maybe I would have started this project a long time ago.

Now – I know that some of you are saying, this is horrible! How can she talk about herself like that? We’re all beautiful. Yep –  most of us are beautiful in one way or another, but not in all ways! And if only people were a little more honest with themselves and with each other, then maybe more of us would truly be beautiful in all ways, or at least more ways than we currently are. And – I am using beautiful in a very vague term here. I am not one to subscribe to the model shape is the only shape that is beautiful. I think there are some beautiful people out there who look nothing like a model. To me, healthy is beautiful. Wellness is beautiful. Fitness is beautiful!

But on to day 2. I struggled a bit today. Was really jealous of my coworkers today as they were eating their lunch, and I had my stir fry. Not that it didn’t taste wonderful, but those temptations were calling to me! Telling me that I wanted to eat them, and not my healthy crunchy little lunch of vegies and grains. But – I got over it, and stayed true to my diet and project! Yay me!

Last little bit – worked out this morning… Keeping on top of it. Was a little hard to wake up at 530 in morning, but probably not as hard as waking up at 5am tomorrow…




One response

10 06 2010
Rissa Ree

HIND-sight! Great term! I sometimes do have hind-sight and it hurts my neck a bit to crane around that far… 🙂 LOL
Glad you can have fun with this even with the disturbing, not so fun parts!
We all have a unique way of viewing ourselves and when that can blend with loving ourselves (as you strive for per your first post) then we live life more fully, embracing every moment, as none of it is tied up in disliking ourselves!

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