Days 3 & 4

9 06 2010

Well – It’s been a bit rough. Started a new job on Monday, and have been working 10 hour days. On top of the workouts and the new diet, life has been a bit challenging. The hardest bit are the temptations. Temptations – staying in bed a little longer, watching people eat the foods I want to be eating, seeing ads for foods I’d like to eat. Wanting to go hang out at our local brewery for a good beer and burger with friends. Bummer…

But – still staying true to the goals and methods! Today was my rest day from the workouts. Thank goodness, cause I was worn out, and needed a day off. Still had to hike all day for work, but not too strenuous, so not bad. Excited about working out again tomorrow.

Just a quick post today. off to bed early.




One response

10 06 2010
Rissa Ree

Consider making yourself a smoothie or special treat out of the foods you are choosing to eat and break that out while these other people are enjoying their treats – pretend like what you are eating is so much tastier, even if its not, and GIGGLE and have fun with it… trick that lil gremlin in your head that is trying to make you fall into temptation. 🙂

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