Days 7 & 8 – Week 1 Recap

13 06 2010

So – the first week is up, and I am feeling good. Although today was the first day I felt the need to be a carnivore. I felt wasted. I felt like I needed energy – I needed protein – not just any protein – I needed meat! But – I am still sticking with it! It’s been rough, but just one more week of no meat. I know I can handle that.

I think this feeling of needing protein is coming from the workouts – I need protein to help build my muscles and renew myself after these workouts. Today I was a bit wasted. It was a rest day from the workouts, but I went hiking anyways. Might have been a mistake. Now I feel completely gone.

But – on to the first week. What have I noticed? I have noticed that I  no longer feel heavy and lethargic. I have energy (well, except for right at the moment – I’m a little wasted… or a lot!). I feel so much more like myself than I have in a long time. I feel like I am able to focus on life and everything that is going on. And – I am so excited! I am excited that I am sticking to this – that I am being strong and true to myself. I am happy that I can do this and feel proud of myself.

what a week!




One response

14 06 2010
Rissa Ree

And we’re proud of you sistah!!! This is great! It takes a lot to shift through a “psychological habit” moreso than a physical one, I believe. Your perseverance is awesome to watch and share in through your posts! Keep it up! Love ya!

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