Day 9 – Meat!

14 06 2010

So I started a little early, but I needed meat. I was feeling so wasted, like I wasn’t recovering, and couldn’t get energy. It started yesterday – I felt like I couldn’t maintain any kind of energy – my food wasn’t helping me. I really felt like I needed meat – protein! So – after a quick discussion with my sister, I decided it was time. So – for dinner tonight I had some baked tilapia. I immediately felt the energy return. I felt so much better. I really think that with all the working out that I’ve been doing, it was really smart to start back up on meat.

So – as you can see, this ‘diet’ (I hate that word!) is completely based on how my body feels, and listening to the signs and signals that it is telling me. It is about realizing when a craving is based on emotions and when it is based on an actual physical need. Reading those signs is difficult, and it requires a lot of truth-seeking and being able to tell yourself the truth – which I sometimes think is the hardest thing.

So – here’s to the truth!




One response

24 06 2010
Rissa Ree

So glad you trusted your body, your Self!
On the “Diet” piece – how about considering it a “lifestyle choice” This is a long-term commitment you have made to yourself. And a supportive one for your health and wellbeing!
Diet suggests short-term and restriction and soooo much more. So if you change the wording toward something that feels more positive and supportive you may find that you have less resistance come up (just as you have chosen to use the words “choose not to eat” instead of “can’t” or “eliminate”…

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