Day 11 – Cravings…

16 06 2010

I am struggling a bit today.

I want to eat everything that is bad for me. And stuff that is not necessarily bad for me, but stuff that I am currently choosing not to eat. See that I chose the word ‘choose’ and not ‘can’t eat’. But – even though this is my choice, and I know why I am doing this, I am still struggling with it. All I want is to eat a good burger, a homemade pizza, a big block of cheese. But – instead, I am having a beautiful piece of baked tilapia with sesame seeds, garlic and seasoning over a bed of lettuce with cucumbers and blueberries. A wonderfully, beautiful, delicious meal. Am I satisfied? Yes. Is it what I am really craving? Nope!

So – to work on this craving, tomorrow will be my first day eating beef again. I am going to have a gourmet burger – with garlic, olives and seasoning – and no bun. It will be yummy and satisfying, and I will find ways to eat what I want to eat in a whole food, healthy manner!




One response

24 06 2010
Rissa Ree

Will this whole craving bit that keeps coming up – well at least when you read the posts backward it does –
Are you looking at this a little deeper? What is it about these foods that you are craving that you feel nourishes you? On what level? How do they make you feel inside? Is this something or somewhere that you aren’t feeling nourished currently?
Cravings are often a cry-out from our body of something deeper… not for the food per se, but something emotional. So simply be curious when you consider this! No judgment or analyzing necessary, just see what comes up and CHOOSE to move forward from that understanding making new choices. It’s a step-by-step process and your little gremlin inside is going to keep at you along the way. But we can eventually get to a place where that voice is muffled and distant and we can stand strong in our center and trust in ourselves!

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