Day 12 – Hunger

17 06 2010

So, you know how I was feeling so good last week, and was so surprised at how little I had to eat, and I wasn’t hungry… Well – this week, that has all changed. I am hungry almost non-stop. I feel great right after I eat – I feel like I have eaten enough, and then within an hour or two, I feel like I need more food. And my snacks just aren’t cutting it. I’m sick of the food that I’ve been eating. I don’t even want to look at it. I almost felt like I was going to vomit today before dinner. I felt like my energy was at an all time low, and I felt ill. Like I just needed food. I need more suggestions for good snacks. I have fruit, raw veggies and different seeds and nuts. They just aren’t appetizing to me right now, and they aren’t sticking with me. Argh!!!!




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18 06 2010

Do you like avocado? Would you be able to make an avocado dip or hummus or a bean dip for your veggies as a snack? Still the same snack I understand, but it will add protein and good fats.

You’ve started eating meat again, but would you eat lunch meats? I’m thinking lettuce wraps with a little lunch meat or fresh meat for that matter and veggies. I guess that may be more of a meal but if you made it in smaller portions?


Fruit smoothies?

you’ve added meat back in but are you eating eggs? Hard boiled eggs are a good snack.

18 06 2010

Thanks Leslie!
I like the lettuce wrap and dip ideas! the fruit smoothies aren’t really keeping me going – already been trying that. I am not eating lunch meats, but fresh meats would definitely work in a lettuce wrap. Thanks for the ideas. Oh – and no eggs yet. I’ll be eating them again soon.
Thanks again for all the suggestions!

24 06 2010
Rissa Ree

Yeah, be careful on the lunch meat end of things as they are often laden with sugars and nitrates and all sorts of other mysterious additives to maintain texture, taste and moisture… Best to make a whole chicken or something and shred it.
Kale chips and roasted veggies with herbs?
Are you eating popcorn yet? You can make popcorn with coconut oil and add cumin and curry while it’s popping. YUMM!!!
Dips are great – you can cut up a bunch of carrots and celery. Great way to get more fiber and raw foods for the active nutrients and enzymes.

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