Day 15 – I’m a cheater… Oops

20 06 2010

So – I just made it past my two week mark, and I cheated. I added two new foods today. So far I feel really good, so hopefully it wasn’t a mistake. I had eggs for breakfast, and it was a really nice change for breakfast. So happy I did that. Then, for dinner, I put cheese on my meal. Wasn’t going to add dairy for awhile. Well, starting tomorrow, I won’t eat any more dairy – no more cheating. I guess I just had to give myself this one meal.

On the up-shot, I made myself some yummy non-dairy ice cream this weekend. Lemon and berry ice cream made with cashews. It’s a little addicting, but really rich, so I can’t eat too much at a time. Which is a good thing. I think I still ate a little too much today though. The first day that I feel a full, and possibly over-satisfied. Maybe that was cause cheese is addicting to me – a little hard to stop, even though i didn’t put that much on it. hmmm…




One response

24 06 2010
Rissa Ree

Let us know if you notice any “symptoms” from this little back-step. It sounds like you aren’t riling yourself too hard for this and I think that is important! We can acknowledge what is and make a conscious choice to change and move forward from there. No sense dwelling on it as it’s already said and done, right!?
I am curious though if you noticed any congestion or small digestive shift? Sometimes it’s subtle or doesn’t show up for a few days.
I’m glad you called it out (acknowledged) it sis! This is a huge step toward honoring yourself in the moment and moving toward that place of BECOMING that healthier happier version of YOU!

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