Days 19 & 20 – My husband makes me lazy…

25 06 2010

Well, kind-of.

The first three weeks of this have been a little bit easier, because my husband has not been around. (This sounds really horrible, but it will make more sense in a little bit…). I still have to deal with the cravings and food eat habits of my roommate, but that isn’t so bad. What is hard when my husband is around, is that he has a completely different body type than I do, and can pretty much eat whatever he wants, and stay healthy and in shape and not gain weight. He loves dairy (especially milk and yogurt), loves beer, and loves the food that I cook (which is excellent!). He also is so wonderful, that all I want to do when he is around is hang out with him, and not do anything else – hence he makes me lazy. I skipped two workouts this week (there were some extraneous factors in this besides just him, but a big factor was that I wanted to hang out with him!). I didn’t do that at all before he came home.

But – he also made up for it. Today was supposed to be a rest day, but since I took two ‘unauthorized’ rest days, I decided today would be my make up day. I did the easier workout in the morning, and then he helped keep me motivated and did the super-hard workout with my in the afternoon! I think I just needed to slowly introduce him to my new lifestyle choices. He is the one who initially got me working out, but as he is a naturally athletic guy, he doesn’t need to be so hard on himself – making himself workout all the time. I do!

But – on the good side of things. I am feeling great. My clothes are starting to fit better, my boobs are shrinking (sorry to say, but they are always the first things to go:(… ), and I am feeling really healthy. Tired, but healthy! And – I am almost through 3 weeks already! I love life! and my husband!




One response

9 07 2010
Grace Khawam

I can completely relate to this… except that my husband (walid!) isn’t so athletic :p

alena i just read your blog… keep up the good work!
(p.s: i miss you! :)))

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