Days 21 & 22 – Bacon…

27 06 2010

Well, I found the first food that doesn’t agree with my stomach. Yep, you guessed it – bacon. It tastes so good, smells so good, but leaves my stomach in a rumbling, uncomfortable mess. Big bummer! So – I guess I won’t be eating bacon anymore. Hard to say, but I know how my stomach felt, and how my bowel movements were affected. Ewwww….

It has definitely been interesting though – I am learning more about other people and society in general as I learn about myself through this lifestyle change. I am learning that a lot of people don’t want to listen to their bodies, and don’t understand that you can’t pinpoint a food problem if you aren’t willing to cut food items out of your diet for a time and slowly reintroduce them back in. I am learning that people aren’t able (or willing) to connect feelings of fatigue, bloating, irritability and other symptoms to their eating habits – especially if those symptoms are not immediately felt. If you start to feel uncomfortable a half hour, or hour, or even the morning after you ate something – people are reluctant to say that it had anything to do with what they ate.

Why are we so stuck on these beliefs that our diet can not be harmful for us – no matter what it is that we are eating? Why do we think that our bodies can handle anything? Do we not realize that many of the ‘foods’ that are currently available on the market are toxic to our bodies, our organs, our minds? Why is it okay to eat something that hasn’t grown from or of the earth, but that was created in a laboratory? Can that really be good for us? Will it really give us what we need – what our bodies need to thrive or function at optimal capacity?

Enough of the soapbox – until tomorrow!




One response

27 06 2010
Rissa Ree

Interesting finding Sis! It’s interesting to hear that this is the meat that you reacted to. I’ve been hearing more often of other people reacting to pork products. Something I hadn’t pieced together before was that pigs don’t have sweat glands… so does that mean that they build up more toxicity within their bodies, thus going into the meat that we are being served?
Gross when you think about it that way!

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