Day 23 – Proper Portion Sizes

28 06 2010

I have noticed that if I don’t pay close attention to how much food I put on my plate, I don’t really pay attention to how much I am actually eating. And – I usually end up eating too much. So – from now on, I need to really start paying attention. I am doing a good job paying attention to what I am eating, just not necessarily to how much I am eating. Most days I do okay with it. Some days, not so well. That changes now!

That’s another thing. Change! It’s awesome! Thankfully I am not change-o-phobic, but I welcome it. I think that is a must when you are doing such a drastic nutritional and lifestyle shift as I am right now. The funny thing is, is that people think I am just on a temporary diet. It is so hard to explain that this is a full lifestyle shift. Yes – I will probably go back to eating some dairy and some processed foods. But not if they don’t agree with me. Everyone keeps asking me how long this is going to last. Like I am putting them out by not eating certain foods. I guess I can understand it with my roommate, because I do most of the cooking, and since I’m not cooking a lot of those foods, he isn’t eating them at home. But with other people. Argh! How do you explain what you are doing and why you are doing it to people who are completely unaware that what they are eating affects their body, their moods, their digestion, their health? Sometimes it is just easier to say I’m on a diet. I don’t get as many confused looks.




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