Days 24/25 – A Salad or a Burger, that is the question…

30 06 2010

A salad it was. I can’t believe I, me, the burger loving queen, chose to eat a salad at the brewery tonight instead of my beloved ortega burger. But I did! I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I should have though, cause my husband was eating my beloved ortega burger right next to me. Oh well! It still tasted great, and was much better for me as well!

I decided tonight that I need to start eating more salads again. The first two weeks of this diet I was eating lots of salads – almost every night for dinner – and it felt great! I felt great! yummy salads with lots of vegetables, a nice fruit to spice it up, and I could even add some grilled chicken, or baked fish! I did it before, I can do it again!

In other news – I am wasted! No – not drunk wasted – energy wasted. What a day! I did a pack test this morning (to keep my red card/firefighting certification), which is a 3 mile walk wearing a 45 lb weight vest. And you have to walk it in less than 45 minutes. Which, of course, I did! In 41:23! Then I proceeded to go to work where I hiked another 3 miles out in the woods. And tripped and fell of course! Then – as I can’t skip a good workout, I did my crossfit workout this evening with my husband. Wow!!! It was amazing, but it wore me out. Carrying 55 lbs over my head for 40 meters, doing 25 lb thrusters (squats with an overhead lift involved) and then doing a farmers carry with 35 lbs in each hand for 40 meters. Times that by 5 and you’ve got my workout! AND – the best part of all – I beat my husband on time! Granted he was carrying heavier weight, but proportionally, we were about par!

If you know my husband, you know that I have never ever beaten him at a crossfit workout. NEVER! and I have beaten him twice in the last week. Granted he has not been working out regularly like I have, but it definitely feels awesome. Gotta love the man!




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