29 – I suck!

4 07 2010

I feel like I am falling off the wagon. The few little things that I have cheated on, I feel like I am letting it get out of control. I haven’t done too much, but it feels like too much. I have eaten sugar, alcohol, wheat and cheese in the last two days. I think I failed my test of leaving home and traveling for a weekend. I guess I will just have to get back on the wagon. No more cheating. It is so hard, because they all taste so good. Why do I love things that are not keeping me healthy and happy? Why do I keep sabotaging what I am doing. I was doing so good – for almost a month. ARGH!!!!

Can you tell, I’m a little frustrated? or a lot! And – I broke my little toe on a hike this morning, which is really going to cut into my exercising. I was supposed to run a 10K tomorrow. Now, I’m not so sure I’m going to be able to do it. I am still going to try. If not, I’ll have to figure out a different workout. I guess we all have to have little rough patches when we are trying to make ourselves better people, right?

I think I just need to focus on the positives. I have definitely been losing weight, I have stayed on a healthy course of nutrition for almost a month, with minimal cheating. My clothes fit better. I feel better, healthier, fitter. My push-ups have improved amazingly. And I have actually beaten my husband at two crossfit workouts. Which is basically unheard of. I do have a lot to be thankful for. And a lot to be proud of. I just need to keep remembering that! My own little cheering section!




2 responses

5 07 2010
Rissa Ree

I hope you’re letting yourself off the hook here! I’m partially responsible for your brief veering here and I apologize for that. I can also empathize and relate with you on how you are feeling as I have been allowing myself more cheats than appropriate… but we move on and make a new commitment for a new day and we don’t let the past drag us down. It happened and it’s done and we’re still here, able to move forward.
I’m speaking to myself here as much as I am sharing this with you and others reading this. We don’t “suck” – we’ve just faltered. We can enjoy it in the moment. Acknowledge the feeling of failure (briefly) and then move forward!
So – to a new day, a new moment! A “Free History”! You’re doing great!
I think you said it all when you said, “Focus on the positives.”

5 07 2010
Rissa Ree

Can I still be your support system even though I helped you cheat a little?

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