30/31 – Eating healthy while camping…

6 07 2010

Wow – if you thought getting ready for camping was time intensive – try doing it when you are trying to stick to eating whole, healthy foods. Man! I feel like I was cooking for hours. And I’m only camping one night. Had to prep 4 meals for myself, after work tonight, in time to go to work at 6am tomorrow. Dang! Obviously my night was a bit longer than I was planning.

But – I have lovely healthy meals ready for me, so hopefully I will not be tempted by the junk that everybody else brings to eat.

I noticed something today. My co-worker was eating some cheese-its or something like that (I’m way out of the loop on these), and they smelled so good. They smelled addictive. I know that they don’t taste as good as they smell, and all those artificially flavored, cheap, and easy foods leave a nasty after taste in my mouth. But why, oh why, do they still smell so good, and make me want to eat them? I hate all those artificial addictive chemicals. I wish they were illegal!!!!!




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7 07 2010
Kaela Gagliardi

Hey Alena! Your parents were just here in Colorado, and your mom was telling me about your blog and what you’re doing. I’ve read the whole thing now, and I love being able to keep up with your progress. It’s really inspiring – because I feel like how you felt at the beginning of this. It’s so easy to cheat when you just try to “eat healthier” or “eat less,” so it’s really motivating to see how detailed and disciplined you are with this. I’d really like to try something similar, though maybe a little less intense. 🙂
Don’t get discouraged – you’re doing great!!

8 07 2010

thanks Kaela! Good to hear the motivation! Let me know if you want any ideas, or input from what i’ve been doing. Would love to talk with you more!

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