32/33 – Gotta love CrossFit!

8 07 2010

Tomorrow is D-Day. Or more correctly – weigh in #1! This is my test to see how I’ve been doing. I will be weighing myself, taking pictures and taking measurements. I’ll be posting my weight and measurements. We’ll see about the pictures. That might wait one more month… When I feel a little better about how I look in a bikini:)

The camping went great though! I wasn’t even tempted by everyone elses food. I even took myself a little treat of wonderful dark chocolate and barely ate any. I think I’m becoming addicted to trail mix though. Tons of yummy nuts and seeds with raisins and craisins. WOW!!! I love it!

And my toe is healing. Slowly, but surely! Probably won’t be able to run for awhile still, but I can still do most of my workouts. Speaking of workouts – wow!!!! I am so proud to say that I have been improving massively! My pull-ups are still really weak, but my push-ups are so much stronger, and I was able to do 300 squats for my workout a couple days ago, and was barely sore the last couple days. Barely affected my hiking today too, and I hiked about 7 miles! Gotta love CrossFit!!!




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