34 – Month 1 Recap…

9 07 2010

Wow! A month has already gone by. I guess technically it has almost been 5 weeks already. And it has been an amazing and interesting 5 weeks. I feel like I started out really strong with my nutrition and paying attention to what I was eating and when, and I ended really strong with my CrossFit workouts! Now, I need to just be able to balance them out so that I am staying strong on both of them at the same time. I have definitely had days where I struggled to eat right or exercise. I had many days where I cheated on my diet. The worst was last weekend, when I ate a burrito (with tortilla, cheese and sour cream!) and finished off a bag of Uncle Eddies Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies all in two days. Ouch! But – I think overall, I have been doing really well, and those lapses in sanity have taught me more about myself and helped me to recommit to my project.

So – I’m guessing that you’re wondering how I’m doing with my goals… My stats… Well – here they are.

  June 6, 2010 July 8, 2010 Difference
Weight 167 lbs. 156 lbs. -11 lbs
BMI (body mass index) 24.7 23 -1.7
Waist (at bellybutton) 33” 31” -2”
Hips (at ASIS) 37.5” 35” -2.5”
Thigh 26.5” 24.5” -2”
Bicep 12.5” 12” -0.5”
Bust (at nipple line) 39” 36” -3”
Bra line 33” 31” -2”
Hips/Thighs with feet together at widest point 44” 40.5” -3.5”
Max. push-ups 8 16 +8
Max. pull-ups (w/ green resistance band) 4 10 +6

Awesome!!!! It was soooooo great to see these results this morning! I knew that I had lost some weight, that I was getting stronger and more fit, but this blows me away! I hope I can keep up this sort of progress. That is absolutely amazing to me! I feel healthier, I feel more attractive, I feel more fit, I feel more alive.

Hello vivacious me!




3 responses

9 07 2010

congratulations chica. i know changes like that are hard. zuber and i have been looking at what we eat and how much and what kind of exercise we do to keep fit and feeling more alive. it is an everyday thing…changing the old habits into new healthy habits. an everyday thing that requires mindfulness and attention…but also, as you found on your “cheat” days that a little bit once in awhile is different than a regular mode of behavior. again, congrats. photo or no photo, it is how you feel that counts. i suggest that you not post a foto and let the numbers speak for themselves. we will see you soon enough. 🙂

9 07 2010
Rissa Ree

This is awesome! You have every right to be proud here sistah! Yeehaaaaaw!!!!!!!

13 07 2010

Woot! How wonderful and exciting. Kudos to you

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