35 – Raw Desserts

10 07 2010

I have not been able to come to any conclusions about raw desserts. I have enjoyed a few, and thought a few were truly disastrous. By their nature, raw foods are dairy free, generally wheat free, and often sugar (or at least processed sugar) free. Which – for where I am at right now, is perfect. However, I seem to be striking out more often than not. Maybe I am too picky. Maybe my pallet is just used to my rich, yummy traditional desserts that I grew up on.

Well – today I found a great organic health food store in Riverside, CA. I even drove about 15 minutes out of my way just to check it out. They had a great selection of all organic foods, both whole foods and processed foods, and a great deli and prepared food selection in their cafe. Part of this selection included yummy raw, vegan desserts. So – of course I had to try one. I got what looked like a beautiful raw, vegan carob cheesecake mousse. Sounds awesome right? Looked awesome too.

I have only managed to take two bites. I had to take two, because I know that occasionally, the first bite is just too different to really enjoy. But the second bite seemed almost worse. What a disappointment. I want to find great desserts that are more healthy for me. I know some people love them, my best friend for example, loves coconut bliss ice cream. The one flavor I have tried just didn’t do it for me. My raw, vegan chocolate pudding that I tried a few weeks back was decent, but I didn’t find it spectacular. The best of course was my lemon berry cashew ‘ice cream’. But that is all I’ve found so far.

I guess I just need to keep working on different alternatives. Believe me, this is hard when you have as much of a sweet tooth as I do. Especially when you love chocolate! So, here’s to more experimentation. We’ll see what’s next. I am thinking about trying to adapt a no-bake cookie recipe to be non-dairy and trying to use agave nectar in lieu of sugar. we’ll see what happens…




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10 07 2010
Rissa Ree

Just a heads up “sweet” sistah – Agave is pretty high in fructose so it may not be the best alternative to sugar. There is much more nutrient value in honey or maple syrup. As most of these raw desserts and such call for a fair amount of sugar, I want to make sure that you aren’t getting too much fructose which will dramatically affect your blood sugar. Just a thought. Alternative desserts are good in some ways as compared to those beloved wheat-pastry counterparts but there is still moderation to consider.
What about your “jello” recipe you made while back home. That seemed pretty light on the sweetener.
I’ll keep my ears open and pass along any goods ones I come across.
I’m making a fruit tart tomorrow for our GF potluck – crust of nuts/dates/seeds, middle layer of lemon curd and fresh fruit and light glaze. Still more sugar than I would prefer but you can vary it up a bit. Was actually thinking of doing a light crust next time with a cashew “cream” sauce as the middle layer then fresh fruit. That sounded yummy too 🙂

13 07 2010

Hey! I love your blog!

Did you try those raw chocolate truffles? I made them with Maple Syrup. They are dark and sweet and rich! Mmmm. I got the recipe from a book called “Raw for Dessert”. I have also had some pretty crappy raw deserts. Keep looking, they are out there. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth and cravings you could do some ‘de-constructing’ cravings work to find out what is fueling them. In some cases it’s an imbalance with protein, or a mineral imbalance, a candida issue, or an imbalance in another area of your life, as examples. I find that my sugar cravings flare up when I am not feeling that I am living my life to the fullest or living my purpose.

I’m really impressed by your commitment to take care of your health! Truly, when we are in that place of vibrant health in our body, mind and spirit that is when we can actively live out of dreams and feel great in our life! YOu are a true inspiration!

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