43 – A Snickers Bar and a Pint of Ice Cream

18 07 2010

So – I had a moment of weakness yesterday – or more like a few hours of weakness. I was trying to be good – I knew I was craving chocolate, but I just kept struggling. I tried different fruits, but being in a hotel, I was limited in what I had access to. So – after some time in the hot tub, I went past the little ‘market’ area that they had, and found a snickers bar. I gave in and bought it. And then ate it.

The hard part then, was that it didn’t do the trick. It tasted good, but it wasn’t doing it. After dinner, I gave in again. And went and bought a pint of Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream. I proceeded to finish off the entire pint. I didn’t feel guilty – until after. And then I started realizing how my body was reacting. When I first started eating the ice cream, I noticed that my nose started running. Then, within 15-20 minutes after I finished, my stomach started grumbling. Not bad, but not happy. By the time I went to bed, I noticed something else. In the last couple years, I have been having this problem with what I thought was a dry spot on my back, right by where my left kidney is. Sometimes I got it on my right side as well, but usually the left side. It always itched, but I could never figure out what was going on. Then, yesterday, I got the itchy spot back. Same spot, same feeling. Now I know that my body was reacting to something I had been eating. Maybe it was during that couple months last summer when I was eating ice cream almost every day. hmmmmm….

Last, but not least, I was an emotional wreck this morning. Granted, I was leaving to come back home, and I won’t see my husband in a few days, but I am definitely stronger than that! I think this also might explain why I was such an emotional wreck last summer. And why I was in such a depression. Wow – it is amazing what food can do to us!

Well, although it was not so good that I gave in to those cravings, the nice thing is that I continue to learn about my body, my cravings, and what all those foods that I am eating are doing to my body. So – lesson learned!




2 responses

20 07 2010
Rissa Ree

TOO FUNNY! Ok I know it’s not really funny but it is!
I’m sure a whole pint didn’t help the way the tummy felt but I am glad that you are able to start putting the pieces together as to where your ‘symptoms’ have been coming from. It’s easy to want to deny this realization as the dairy foods we’ve come to know as comfort foods serve us sooo much on an emotional level even a textural level. Plus they have compounds in them that are naturally addicting and connect to opoid-receptors in our brain. It’s a narcotic, gotta-have-more-of-that effect and truly difficult to give up.
So proud and inspired by your perseverance and willingness to look at the bigger picture and keep moving toward health!!!
You ROCK!!!!

20 07 2010

Thanks for sharing so honestly! I love all the dots that got connected for you. What a gift you got, there and you have such insight, too.

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