48 – Shorts…

23 07 2010

So – I went out on the town today (as in to the post office, grocery store and forest service office) in shorts!

For some of you, you might say, ‘Big Deal! I wear shorts all the time!’ Well. I don’t! I haven’t liked my legs in ages, and haven’t worn shorts outside the house in years! Now – I’m not ready to make this a full time habit, but it was wonderful to feel comfortable wearing shorts today! Not to worry constantly about how my legs were looking – how I was feeling – It was wonderful!

So – another positive reinforcement for me today! Gotta love it. I think the best part was my husbands reaction to it. He is so happy to be seeing me comfortable in my own skin – in my own body. He finds it sexy when I am so comfortable. It makes me so happy to be able to have that feeling again. Thanks love!




One response

25 07 2010
Rissa Ree

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! So refreshing to hear the enthusiasm and the love you are beginning to show for your self and your body! You’ve always been beautiful inside and out and I’m glad that you can start feeling that more as you come into a place of health that you are happy with and a body size/shape you are happy with! It’s truly a wonderful feeling to embrace this like you have and you’ll only make greater strides with this kind of attitude! And it’s so true that others find us more sexy and beautiful when we are confident with ourselves! Those we love often say they love us no matter what (which I know is true!) and when we are confident they can love us even more than they even knew they could before 🙂 cuz our light is shining through! Shine on sweet sistah!

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