54 – In the vicinity of temptation…

29 07 2010

So – how has it been going? Well – lots of ups and downs. I feel like I am still struggling a bit still with the nutrition part. The hardest part is staying strong in the vicinity of temptation. I love sweets! I love dairy – especially cheese and ice cream. Another hard part is that I love baking and making treats for people – friends, co-workers, etc… But – when I make those treats, I want to eat them too… I guess I either need stop making those treats, or find ones that are friendly to my gut as well.

The nice thing though, is that as I am learning more about nutrition, I am not nearly as tempted with a lot of the foods that used to entice me. I remember last summer always wanting to eat stuff like Little Debbie cupcakes, M&M’s, Doritos, crackers, and other things. They don’t even tempt me now. I haven’t had a piece of bread since I started this on June 6, and I don’t miss it at all. So – I guess there are definitely things to be thankful for, and I need to keep reinforcing the progress that I have made.

What is hard is that when I do give in to the temptations, the ice cream, the cookies, the cheese – I can’t stop myself. I eat and eat and eat. The ice cream – I can finish a pint in a sitting… The cookies – I can finish off 6 or 7, and want more. That is what I need to work on. If those temptations are in the house, I have a hard time saying no. It will be really nice when we move in to our own place in a month, and I can just not allow them in the house. It will make it so much easier just to stay away from them.

Oh – and ps… sorry for the delay in posting… been a busy week – lots of work, massive forest fire in the area, etc… Will be better from here on out.





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