55 – little victories…

30 07 2010

It is time to celebrate the little things, the little victories… So – here are the things I am celebrating:

– having choices in the food I eat – especially having the ability to choose to eat fresh, local, organic produce – and to choose not to eat most processed foods, especially those with artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives in them!

– having a husband who calls me hot! I have always wanted this, and now he is doing it! He finds me hot, and I love it!

– getting little glimpses of the future – I had a small ‘premonition’ of sorts tonight while I was in the bathroom at the movie theatre… I got to see what I will look and feel like on my 32nd birthday, and it is wonderful! Brightened up an already beautiful day!

– Putting on a pair of pants that were too tight for me 2 months ago, and that now are almost too big on me!

– Wearing clothes from my sister, who I always thought would be so much skinnier than I am, that I would never fit into the same clothes as her (still not there completely, but at least they fit me somewhat… even if not completely!)

– Being in love – not only with my husband, and with life, but starting to be in love with myself – with who I am – and with who I am becoming!

So – if you are up for it, come celebrate the little victories with me, because life is sweet!




One response

13 08 2010
Rissa Ree

I love this Alena!!!! We all should write up our little victories and celebrations for ourselves! THanks for the inspiration and reminder that LIFe truly is the sweetest thing!
Beautiful words here sis!

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