56 – …and little setbacks…

31 07 2010

Ate way too much today, and way too much stuff that was not good for me

so – yesterday was celebrating the little things. Today is about asking forgiveness. Or something like that. Maybe accepting that it happens on occasion, sometimes a little too often, and then you will move on, and improve. I have been struggling a bit lately, but I know that I will continue on this path, and I will improve again. I will always have setbacks, but I will also have big gains. And hopefully, the gains will far outweigh the few setbacks.

If you can’t tell, I am really trying to help make myself feel better. Feeling very self-conscious and heavy today. Physically and emotionally. Damn those dairy products for making me an emotional rollercoaster!!!!! They sounded so good at lunch, and I was feeling great before that. Then the emotions hit. No more giving in a going to restaurants that have no good food whatsoever, just to be sociable. No more eating just because other people are eating. I want to be happy about the food I choose to eat! I want to be happy with who I am. Since I know that dairy makes me emotional, sensitive, and basically feeling like a load of crap, I need to stop doing that to myself. Wow – cravings are hard to overcome, even when you know how bad they treat you.





One response

13 08 2010
Rissa Ree

Tell me bout it sistah! I ate so much cheese over the course of the last week. Social setting and emotional urging – it’s challenging! We’ll get there together!

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