58 – Periods and nutrition…

3 08 2010

Why oh why do i always crave chocolate when I have my period? I know, I know – eat dark chocolate. Well, when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, and the only chocolate available is milk chocolate, that’s what it has to be. So – I did! Oops. It tasted great, and was exactly what I wanted!  So – I allowed myself that. Probably won’t do it again anytime soon, but enjoyed every minute of it… or few seconds.

I think that is part of this whole nutrition shift in my life that is necessary. Although I am pretty much going gluten free and dairy free, and cutting way back on the sugar (and using mainly honey, agave syrup, or 100% maple syrup when I do) – I know that I also need to be realistic, and occasionally (that being the operative word here!) give in to those cravings. Occasionally have a day, or a meal, where I ‘cheat’ (although I hate that word!) or allow myself to eat whatever I am craving at that moment, within reason, of course.

I know that there will be times when I am not going to have a lot of choices in what I eat. I can make the healthier choice, but I also want to be able to really enjoy the meals I am having. Most of the time I really enjoy those healthier meals… occasionally, I do not. So – I give myself permission to have those moments, those meals… I know that there will be holidays, birthday parties, pot lucks… I can make a ‘more healthy’ meal or contribution, but it will not all be to my choosing. I can handle that. I do not have any deathly food allergies that make me not able to eat something completely. I can handle the discomfort every once in awhile.

I also know that I would love to feel as good as I have been feeling most of the time. I want to enjoy my life, and how my body feels. So – I guess what I am saying, is that this is all about learning how to have a more healthy relationship with food. It is about treating my body right, but also my mind. I know that I occasionally need those foods to help heal my mind (even if only in my mind!), but that it does help. It is about compromise. Not being so stringent on a diet/nutrition plan that I can’t eat certain things ever, or that I become a burden on myself and others – but that I accept the world I am living in. That I can try to change things on a local level – little by little, but that I do not want to (nor should I) impose my choices upon others as well.

I guess I will end with those words to live by… Choose for yourself – live with those choices – but do not force others to live by them as well. Let them choose how they want to live as well!

So – how has this whole nutrition thing been going?




One response

13 08 2010
Rissa Ree

Boy have we been on the same wavelength! I have been in the same place. I didn’t want to impose my choices on the others who I was with in the BWCA. They were all so supportive and gracious and I still found myself being hard on myself for making them accommodate in little ways. But you are right! I choose for me and allow others to choose for themselves!
“I guess I will end with those words to live by… Choose for yourself – live with those choices – but do not force others to live by them as well. Let them choose how they want to live as well!”

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