60 – Gut Rot

6 08 2010

Had a little barbeque for my crew on Wednesday night. It was great – good people gathered at my house eating yummy food grilled on the barbeque! BBQ pork ribs, chicken and zucchini with potato salad, fresh fruit, chips and salsa and dip, and brownies and two different kinds of my homemade non-dairy ice cream/sorbet!

Well – I happened to eat a little too much of the dairy based dip and brownies for my own good. Besides the fact that I was pretty severely dehydrated from the day and having a massive allergy attack, I woke up in the morning still suffering from allergies, with a pounding headache, and gut rot! My guts were roiling. They were not happy with me. Gas, bloating, upset tummy, and pain! I think I had a bowel movement 3 times that morning, and they were not healthy, believe me! Felt like I could have had diarrhea.

It is amazing what that kind of food will do to your system after it has had a healthy break from it! So – maybe I’ll have to rethink that earlier post about eating it on occasion, and it being alright…. we’ll see what happens down the road!




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