62.5 – CrossFit Soapbox…

7 08 2010

Some people have wondered why I have chosen to do CrossFit workouts for my exercise regime on this project. Some think it is ‘too hard’, causes ‘too much pain’, not feasible, etc… Well, let me tell you… I probably average less than a 1/3 of the time working out that other people do, with at least 3 times the results. And my fitness level is a lot more functional than the typical workouts of running, bench press, biceps curls, and leg press machines. Or the treadmill/stairclimber/elliptical machine, etc…

How many times are you going to be laying down on the ground and have to push something heavy – oh, say 100 pounds (not too heavy, but heavy for some of us!) off of your chest? How many times do you really lift 20-75 pounds in the same motion as a biceps curl (except maybe the 12 oz curl from drinking beer?)? But – I can think of many times when we have to bend over and pick up something heavy from the ground (i.e. deadlift), and put something above our heads (i.e. overhead press), or shoveling, or jumping over something. There are so many functional ways that CrossFit helps me in my everyday life. Besides the fact that it has helped make me more confident and more comfortable in my own body. This is evidenced even at this very moment as I am sitting naked typing this in my hotel room. I never would have sat naked and typed or anything before. I just wasn’t comfortable with myself.

So – yes – I am sore quite often. Almost constantly. Especially today – as we did walking lunges for a 1/4 mile yesterday. But it feels so good. I know that my muscles are getting stronger, my lungs are getting in better shape, and I am getting more fit overall. And I probably spend, on average, about 20-30 minutes 5 or 6¬†days a week working out. And that includes my warm-up. Most of my workouts are 10-20 minutes in length. And I am whipped at the end. Do I still do other things – yep! I went for a 45 minute jog the other day, just cause I thought it would feel good. I hike for work – usually about 5 miles a day. So, yes. I do other things. So do most CrossFitters. That’s the beauty of it!

So – why do I do CrossFit. Ask me that question on my 32nd birthday, and I will show you great evidence of why… in the form of before and after pictures. I will show you what 11 months of dedicated CrossFit training can do for a 30-year old woman! And then maybe you won’t ask me why I do CrossFit anymore…




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