62 – self improvement

7 08 2010

This is all about self improvement – making myself a better, healthier, happier person. I think so far that it has been working. It is difficult sometimes, cause all I really want is to see results. Well – results don’t come immediately. You don’t see it all right away. I think I’ve been struggling a little bit lately, because I did so well the first month – there was so much improvement, that I wanted it to keep up at that pace. I know that it has slowed down- I’ve lost less weight (though I’m still losing), I’ve been cheating more, and trying to adapt my diet to a very chaotic lifestyle. My fitness is still improving in leaps and bounds (even though it doesn’t always feel that way).

But – I still get frustrated. Even when I tell myself all that stuff about doing so well, making improvements, etc… I want results – NOW!!! I know – not really realistic, but it is one of those curses of being a typical American, I think!

Another but – I did tabata again this weekend. And remember how I was so happy and impressed with my results a few weeks ago… Well – I did even better. I am still making major improvements! It is sooooo awesome! I increased my total number of push-ups, sit-ups and squats, with my squats improving the most. It was so great to see that much improvement in just 3 weeks! So – even though I don’t always SEE the results in my body, I know that I am making huge leaps and bounds. So here’s to self-improvement!




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