71 – Support…

16 08 2010

So – I’ve been talking a lot about how I’ve been doing, how I’ve been feeling, how I’m trying to motivate myself, etc…

Well, today I wanted to talk about support – from others. It is so important when you are embarking on a journey to better yourself to have the support of the ones you love. Not only that, but also to get the little comments from friends about how you are looking/feeling, etc… It is so nice to run into people you haven’t seen in awhile, and to elicit an amazing comment like ‘you look awesome!’ or ‘look who’s looking skinny!’ you gotta love those comments.

and they help so much! they let us (or me…) know that what we are doing is worth it! That we are actually making a change. When others support us, and help us through our moments of weakness, it helps to make us that much stronger, and that much more committed.

So – to all of you who have helped to support me in your own little ways… I thank you! I really appreciate all of the help, kindness and support that you have given me! Thank you!




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