79 – Recommitting…

23 08 2010

Sorry for the long delay. Had a wonderful trip home to go to Larryfest, and didn’t really have access to the computer.

I think I did pretty well overall, only ate a little bit of gluten and dairy. And actually did CrossFit most days. But I also realized the importance of sleep. Got very little sleep. Imagine that! However, I feel like I need to recommit to my goals. I have noticed that I am not doing 100%. I am not 100% committed. I also am not feeling the greatest about myself. I know that I have been doing a good job, but I do not want to get stuck where I am at. I am not happy here – in my body as it is.

So – starting now – I am going 100%. I am giving 100%. I am going with no gluten, no dairy, no alcohol. I know that at some time I will drink alcohol again, but right now, I need to give this my all. I need to stop cheating and being okay with it. I need to make these drastic changes in order to get to where I want to be. I also need to really limit my sugar intake and pay attention to the amounts of food I am eating. Stopping when I am no longer hungry. I am really struggling with that.

But- I will get there! And it starts now!




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