90 – Sugar addiction…

4 09 2010

I hate to admit this, because then it means that I actually have to do something about it.

I am addicted to sugar. Let me repeat that. I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR! There, I said it. Are you happy? Cause I’m not. Because I really don’t want to give up my sugar. I won’t give up all of it, but I know I have to cut back. Now, granted, most of my sugar comes in the form of healthy, or at least healthier, sugars, such as from fresh or dried fruit. However I also eat a bit of honey and/or homemade maple syrup. The problem is that I eat so much, and I crave it all the time! I will eat fruit in the morning with breakfast, some right after lunch, and I usually crave it after dinner too. And sometimes as a snack during the afternoon. And that’s on top of the honey I put on my oatmeal in the morning. I don’t really drink juice, so it is always the real stuff that I have (and organic:)), but I know that I am addicted, and that I need to get over this addiction.

So – how do you get over a sugar addiction? Do I need to go cold turkey for a couple weeks, and try to go without? I’m a little confused as to how to go about this one. Any suggestions would be great. My issue is that I know that these fruits are giving me great vitamins and minerals that I may not be getting elsewhere in my diet. I am not willing to use supplements to get those nutrients, because I know and believe that the real thing is 100’s of times better than any supplement. So – how do I do this? I know I need to explore the emotional side behind it as well, but how do I do this? Should I just keep better track, and keep it to the equivalent of 1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day, and cut back on the amount of sweetener in my oatmeal? Hmmm… this might take some thinking…




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