91 – Diarrhea, chh chh…

5 09 2010

So you remember that diarrhea song when we were kids… maybe you don’t, but I started singing it today when I was on the toilet (for obvious reasons), and hence the title of this blog…

I thought I was doing pretty well with eating healthier. And I am, I am eating pretty darn healthy. But, I am still cheating wayyyyyyy too much – as evidence by the amount of times I have defecated this week. I know – ewwww… why is she talking about her poop? Well, it all comes down to that doesn’t it? My bowel movements tell me how I am doing with my nutritional status. And right now, they are saying ‘Girl, you need to get back on the wagon. This is getting ridiculous!’ (said in a ghetto accent of course!).

So after singing while toilet hopping and ghetto talking poops, I have decided I need to be more pro-active. I have to try to keep that food journal again. I don’t care how much of a pain it is. I need to actually take the time and do it! I need to really pay attention to how much I am eating and when. I need to pay attention to the amount of sugar I am eating. I need to stop allowing myself to cheat.

Otherwise, I just might continue singing the diarrhea song and conversing with my poops… and that would be scary!




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