93 – I ran out of lettuce…

7 09 2010

So – the little goals are working so far. I had two salads tomorrow, and one today… Haven’t fully filled in my journal yet, and getting better about the protein at every meal. Felt really good today, and didn’t crave too much sugar. Kept my sugars down, a little. Okay – thinking on it more.. I did have most of the same cravings. Oh well… I will get there soon.

Feeling really good about myself today. Feeling like some of my clothes are fitting even worse now (meaning they are falling off me…:)) Yay!!! I have a pair of swim shorts that I wear on occasion. Since I bought them, I’ve been able to slip them on and off without untying them, but now they are almost falling off me. Maybe I am still doing okay!

Yay!!!! Will leave it at that for now.





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