98 – Rest days…

12 09 2010

Okay, my last two posts have been about rest and sleep… I think I am in need of both. I am used to having regular days off, a regular schedule, and not feeling completely hectic.

CrossFit has ruined me these last three days! On top of the crazy workouts, and feeling wasted from that, we have been progressively moving into a new place since the beginning of the month, and I have worked 11 of the last 13 days, with another 10 straight days of work ahead of me!

Too much at once! but – I am hanging in there. I think tonight, I will probably be asleep before 8pm! I need it. Gotta be at work at 6am again tomorrow, and really need to catch up on some zzzz’s! And I am soooooo glad that tomorrow is a rest day from CrossFit. My body is thrashed! My hand is broken (not literally) – I have two popped blisters and about 3 more that want to pop. My legs are feeling wobbly, and my arms don’t want to function. I love CrossFit, and the feelings it gives me, but damn! I need a rest day. Just wish I could sleep in.

At least I am still getting good nutrition!

And – Tuesday is day 100! I don’t know how many of my baseline tests I will be able to get in with all the work time, but I am going to try to do at least a few of them, as well as weight and measurements! I am excited (and more than a little scared) to see how I’ve been doing… Until then!




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