100 day recap

14 09 2010

I have made it 100 days. Albeit with a lot of cheating and ups and downs. I am still progressing – slowly, but surely.

So – how am I feeling?
1. I feel like I have made huge progress on my diet. I have cut dairy and gluten out of my diet about 98% (I’ll give myself 2% for the cheating… maybe should be 3 or 4%???). I have decreased my sugar intake by massive amounts, and now, the sugar that I am getting is coming mainly from natural, unprocessed or lightly processed sources – such as fresh or dried fruits, honey and maple syrup. I am also about to experiment with locally grown and dried stevia (so no processing or bleaching!)

2. My strength and fitness levels have improved greatly! This is where I have seen the most changes. CrossFit, and my ability to adapt with it and thrive, has continued to amaze me. I am starting to crave the workouts, and to look forward to challenging myself and pushing myself. I started out strong with my warm-ups, but I let that slip and need to get back into the warm-ups prior to my workout. I also need to work more on technique so that I don’t end up hurting myself.

3. I am frustrated as well. I feel like I have really let myself stagnate this last month or two. I need to jump back on that wagon, and keep myself on the right track. I need to recommit. Tomorrow’s blog will be all about recommitment. I started a little on that today with my motivational poster – an 8×11 print out of my four sets of pictures (front, side and rear) from day 1, month 1, month 2, and day 100!) – posted on my refrigerator. Hopefully this will help keep me from reaching into the fridge for snacks when I need them as well.

4. I love seeing the small changes in my body. It is great some days, and some days I get myself down. I know that I am continuing to move in the right direction, and that I will get there.

So – with that, I will post my measurements for day 100! I did not do any of my baseline fitness tests, as I have been working my butt off (with actual work), and have not had the time outside of this to do any of them. And I’m still super tired from the crazy workouts last week.

  June 6, 2010 Sep 14, 2010 Difference
Weight 167 lbs. 151 lbs -16 lbs
BMI (body mass index) 24.7 22.3 -2.4
Waist (at bellybutton) 33” 28.25” -4.75”
Hips (at ASIS) 37.5” 33.25” -4.25”
Thigh 26.5” 24” -2.5”
Bicep 12.5” 12” -0.5”
Bust (at nipple line) 39” 36” -3”
Bra line 33” 31” -2”
Hips/Thighs with feet together at widest point 44” 40” -4”

I have also decided that I am going to start doing my measurements and baseline fitness tests every 50 days. So – the next one will be around November 3rd. I am hoping that I will be able to see a little more change in 50 days, and that it will help me out fitness-wise as well. We will see.




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