102 – TV…

16 09 2010

So – today’s blog was going to be about recommitting to my project, but I need more time to sit and really plan this out, so hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow!

Now, today is about TV. Or more correctly, about the lack of TV and the wonderful weight loss benefits that not having a TV brings – as well as educational benefits, savings on bill and more!

Since my husband and I have moved in to our new place, we have gone from a setting where the TV was on pretty much any time someone was in the house – even if no one was watching it, to a setting where the TV has not been on in over 2 weeks. The health benefits of this are amazing! And the amount of things I am able to accomplish has increased greatly!

Now – you might be saying, health benefits of no tv??? yeah right! Well, think about it… not sitting down to watch tv means that you are actually up doing other things – even if it is household chores, spending time on the computer, cooking a meal, going for a walk, heck you might even work out! Now – how does that equate to health benefits. Well, let me count thy ways! 1 – you are moving around more, hence health benefits… 2 – maybe you are sitting down at the computer, and not moving around, but you might be researching about organic foods, shopping locally, growing a garden, or how those clothes you want to buy are going to look on the sexy new you! 3 – the visual stimulation from the TV (especially in the hour or two before bedtime) has been shown to mess with your sleep patterns, so you might just be sleeping better and getting more rest for those weary muscles.

So – I am all about promoting the removal of  TV. If not removing the television from the home, removing the connection to cable or satellite or whatever. Make it less tempting – cover it up with a nice cloth, so that you actually have to make an effort.

Now – I will admit, we have a TV. We actually have two of them in our house. However, (besides the fact that they both came with the house!) one of them is sitting in a corner in the guest bedroom, not even plugged in, and the other is hooked to my husbands x-box (which he has played for about 1 hour in the last 3 weeks), and is mainly used for movies, which tomorrow will be our first night of movie watching since we moved in! They are not connected to cable, satellite or anything else. Hence, the other saving – no monthly bill that we have to pay!

So – here’s to cutting out (or at least cutting back) on all that TV and helping to promote a healthier, more knowledgable you!




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