104 – Soreness

18 09 2010

I think I am in a perpetual state of soreness and muscle tiredness. I am not complaining, it is just an interesting finding in this experiment called life. I feel great – a lot of energy (except that I’ve been getting up at 5:15 every morning to be to work by 6!), feel good in my body, enjoying life and everything in it.

But I am noticing that when I’m at work hiking around, my legs get tired really quickly. I know it’s from my workouts (and I am still gaining in strength a lot!), and it isn’t a bad thing. Just something that I am noticing lately! I guess that might be because a lot of my workouts lately have been heavy on the leg work.

It is so nice to see the muscle definition starting to slowly move up my legs! I still have lots of fat and cellulite there, that’s a given right now as it has only been 3+ months, but there has been some massive shifts, and that includes some nice toning in my legs. At least part of my legs. I can actually see my calf muscles! And my quads (at least on the lower half of my upper leg) are getting much more defined and strong. I love it!

Too bad I’m already ready for bed, and it’s only 7pm! I am a morning person, but being forced to wake up at 5am every day for 2 weeks, when it is still dark out, is torture! I can’t wait to be back to a normal schedule!




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