112 – Purging…

26 09 2010

No, not purging as in vomiting…

Purging as in getting rid of negative thoughts about myself. Those feelings and thoughts that just keep coming. It is always good to get rid of those. Spend time talking with someone you love and trust and get rid of those feelings. They aren’t good to hold on to. They grow if you let them, and they start to get out of hand.

I was able to start the process with my sister a couple days ago. It was great. and sad. and hard. and I cried. and I let more out. I know I am still holding on to some, but I will get there. I will let it all out, I will purge it.

If only we could all do that. Let go of all those harsh things the we or others have said about ourselves. Let go of all those nasty things we hold inside – they usually just go to our gut anyways, and then we hold it physically as well – not just emotionally.

If we could all let go of those, then maybe, just maybe the world would be a happier, healthier place, and all of our relationships – with ourselves, with others, with our loved ones – would be better as well!




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