118 – Preparations…

2 10 2010

I am getting so excited to start this new elimination diet with Marissa (my sister!) It is going to feel so good to eat healthy again and to treat my body right. I am not sure why I have let myself be soooooo bad these last two weeks. It has been truly horrendous. I am embarrassed to even think about how I have been treating myself.

My one saving grace has been my workouts. That is the one thing that rarely ever goes by the wayside. I had one day this last week where I only did one of the 5 rounds I was supposed to, but besides that, I have been spot on with my workouts, and I have been improving as well! It’s been awesome!

So now I’m getting ready to start this new and more improved elimination diet with Marissa! We have tailored it to the both of us, and what we are hoping to achieve, test, etc… It is going to be 3 months, which I think is a super idea! Super smart, and that it will be much more effective! We are going to be eliminating the main allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, corn, peanuts) for the full 3 months, and we are going to test some of the other possible allergens to see how our bodies react to them. I am so excited. I need this. I want this. It is going to be awesome!

I am also taking other supplements to help support myself – my adrenals, my hormones, me! through this process. EFAs (essential fatty acids), licorice root, Gymnema sylvestre, Ashwaganda and apple cider vinegar.

I just want to say I love my sister! She rocks! I am so glad that we are doing this together, and that we are going to be there to support each other. I know that I am already benefiting in huge ways thanks to her support and love! Thanks Rhys! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love of health and nutrition with me. thanks for teaching me.




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5 10 2010
Rissa Ree

Equal admiration and gratitude back atcha sweet sistah!!!! Thanks for letting me be part of this and helping me to learn and grow! This is truly an ideal situation where I feel both of us will learn loads on multiple levels 🙂
Love ya!

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