120 – and week 1!

4 10 2010

Today is the start of a brand new me! A more improved, more disciplined, happier and healthier me! OVerall over the last 4 months, I have been doing awesome! I have lost an average of about 4 pounds a month, had massive strength gains and feel like I have so much more energy and life within me.

But – we all need to kick it back into gear at some point, and these last 2 weeks have been horrible for me. I let my depression (that my husband was gone, again!) get to me, and I took it out on myself through the foods I was eating. Which was basically anything I was craving at the time: ice cream, mac n cheese, fried chicken, hostess cupcakes, twix, reeses peanut butter cups… you name it!

So – now I am getting back and giving back to me with a healthful wholesome diet. Additionally, I am going to finally start doing my warm-ups for my workouts as well. It adds on a bit of time, but I feel so much better overall when I do, and I know it is so much better for me! I am also doing yoga in the mornings. At least thats the goal. It may only be 5-10 minutes, but I will be mindful, stretchy and feeling great each and every time!

So – what is week 1 you may be asking. My sister has devised a wonderful elimination diet for the both of us. So – this week, we are excluding the following foods:

  • eggs
  • dried fruit
  • corn
  • soy
  • gluten
  • dairy
  • all sugars (except raw honey, maple syrup, molasses and stevia)
  • all grains (except quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and millet)

Some of you may be asking – that’s everything I eat, what can I eat then??? Oh – honey you have a lot to learn. there are so many yummy foods. Think of all the meats, vegies, fruits, nuts and seeds (besides peanuts) that you could ever want, and you can have them all! But – beware of any condiments that you usually use, because most of them have at least one ingredient from the exclusion list hiding within them.

With that – here’s to a new and improved me! and Marissa!





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