125a – Happy things…

9 10 2010

I’ve been realizing that I have been having a hard time lately. I have been depressed. Not happy. Really struggling. Not to keep going – I was always keep going, but realizing that I haven’t really been enjoying my life. I know part of it is that I am not doing what I love for work. Which is weird, cause I love my job, but it is not challenging or fulfilling in any way. I want to be working with people on health issues. I want to be educating people, helping people to make healthy changes, working with them on their health goals, and learning.

But – that was a tangent. What I also realized was that I have not been taking time for myself. Not “me” time like everyone talks about, but time doing things that I love. I have a hard time just sitting and relaxing. I need to always be doing things.

So – today I decided I need to start making those happy things a priority. Not 5 minutes either, I need to really take time to do my happy things. So – today I went for a motorcycle ride. it was only 30 minutes. But I felt at peace. I felt joy. I felt happy. I was smiling. And it felt so good!

So – my call to you is to find something that makes you happy and go do it! Go play in the garden, run through the sprinkler with your kids, have sex with your husband, read a book, relax in the shower! Whatever it is – go do it! You can be rest assured that I will be!




One response

10 10 2010
Rissa Ree

YAY!!!!! Glad you are realizing the importance of those lil things sweetie!!!!! Me too!!!!

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