126 – The beauty of daydreams

10 10 2010

I had the most wonderful day dream today, and it is all a product of (well, mostly) my project.

I started envisioning opening a coffee shop and bakery wherever we happen to move on to after we live here for a few more years. The nice thing about this shop would be that it would be my tool to help educate people about nutrition and health (and other aspects of health as well).

I could see the different coffees and teas that we would sell, but also the kombucha and juices and other dairy free and coffee free options. The bakery would have some of the more traditional bakery items, but would mostly carry options for people who have dietary restrictions – gluten free, dairy free, egg free. You name it – we would have an option for everyone!

And – we wouldn’t carry any artificial sweeteners, and we would let people know why. We would use as many locally sourced products as we could, and only use high quality ingredients. We would stick to the fair-trade model, and we would have a very comfortable welcoming atmosphere where people would want to come over and hang out for hours! And they would!

I would also serve some light lunch options – soups, salads, maybe quiches…

There would be a space for lectures and cooking classes so local community members could come and teach and learn, and I could teach and learn. This could also double as a space for music.

Is this a pipe dream? probably… But it was a really good daydream that had me smiling for hours. I even think I’ll start experimenting with more recipes just on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, someday this may become a reality!

So – if you have any wonderful recipes, healthy ideas or ideas you’ve had for  a comfy cafe… please share. I love to hear ideas, and know which products and recipes are best!




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