130 – Addicted to Applesauce…

14 10 2010

I think that sometimes addictions are bad no matter what they are to. I have not been having near as many cravings for sugar, but I am now addicted to applesauce. I think I could go through a jar in a day if I let myself. At least it isn’t massive amounts of sugar, but it still is quite a bit!

I just need to get better about not eating all of that fruit. I did finally figure out a way to get chocolate though! I have a recipe from my friend Becca for dark chocolate truffles – only ingredients: coconut oil, maple syrup, dates and cocoa powder. Everything I can eat! And they are awesome! Rich, so you only want one. I made them small too, which is great. Froze most of them, so then I can just pull out one and treat myself when the need arises. Not a daily thing, but a special treat when I am in need. Gotta love good food!

And – I made cookies today for a friend, and didn’t really even want one. They looked good, but I was perfectly okay with not eating one. I love that!

Celebrate the little things!




One response

15 10 2010
Rissa Ree

Tell me bout it! I’ve already blown through half a jar of sun butter in less than a week. This monthly hormonal surge certainly plays a strong role for my craving pattern currently. Glad you are finding some healthy alternatives sis!

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