135 – It’s the Little Things!

19 10 2010

In accordance with my new goal to learn how to love myself and love my life, I have been changing my attitude. And let me tell you – life is wonderful! I am trying to pay more attention to the little things that make me smile – a flock of crazy birds screaming from a tree, the gray clouds afters months of sun and hot weather, the feel of the carpet under my hands as I’m doing push-ups, the sound of my husbands voice through the phone when he is so far away.

It is all about attitude. I am glad that I finally chose to change mine. In the process, I am learning about myself, and learning that I can trust myself. I can listen to my intuition. I can take the time to listen and look for those little things. Life is too short to be angry, stressed, and anxious. It is so much more fun to have a smile on your face and laughter in your heart!

Quit being your own victim. Quit telling yourself that you have to be broken in order to fit in. Heal yourself and look within and you will find that beautiful, whole person who has been there the whole time waiting to break free from the cage you have built around her. Mine is breaking out, and it is a beautiful feeling! Come join me!




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