142 – Get your s*&^ out of my food!

26 10 2010

I was happily making breakfast for my lovely husband and myself the other day. A beautiful scramble with tons of vegetables, some roasted chicken, and some pepperoncinis. I love pepperoncinis – not too spicy, but with such an awesome flavor.

As I’ve taken most processed foods out of my diet, I decided that it was probably time that i look at the ingredient list on my delectable pepperoncinis. Boy – was I surprised. They add yellow 5. What???? They aren’t pretty enough as they are, you have to add that crap to my pepperoncinis. Such a simple food, and you ruin it with artificial colorings. Artificial colorings that have been connected with ADHD, autism and asthma among other things. Really people? Why have we gotten to the point that we think it is okay, or normal to have all this crap in our foods.

Do you know how difficult it is to find canned tuna that is just tuna and water. most of it has soy in it? Now – when I buy canned tuna, I expect tuna. Not some filler of soy in addition to my tuna and water! It disgusts me that big business food companies can and have gotten away with this, and we just sit there and take it and eat it like good boys and girls.

Well – no more! I am so glad that I am getting these processed foods out of my diet. Give me whole, healthful, real foods. I feel so much better when that is what I eat anyways.

So – like I said before, please get your s*&^ out of my food!




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