143 – Surprising abs…

27 10 2010

Yep – I said abs. My abdominals surprised me today.

I had just gotten home from work and was in a hurry to get to my search and rescue meeting in the next town over. I had to change quick, and also call my husband. I tried to do both things at the same time (and succeeded!). Well – in the process, I was standing in my bedroom in front of the mirror, one-handedly holding my shirt up and pulling my pants down.

I looked up into the mirror for a moment, and saw … my abs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they have definition. I don’t have a six-pack or washboard yet, but damn! I was surprised to see how much definition they have. I even made a noise of delight! It was wonderful. Oh – the wonders of getting healthy and fit! I love it! I have nice abs! It is such a great feeling!

Now – I am hoping my legs will follow suit:)




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