148 – Honey???

1 11 2010

Today we started week 5 of our elimination challenge. And what a challenge it has been! This week, in addition to our standard repertoire of no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no corn, no dried fruit, and no processed sugars, we are also cutting out honey and maple syrup which we have been quite fortunate to be eating lately. We are also starting to reintroduce our grains – our ancient grains to be exact. Today we started with quinoa… then in a few days, we will add back rice, then buckwheat, then millet.

But – back to the honey thing. I was doing so well with not eating much for any kind of sugar except for fresh fruit, when my sister mentioned how she has been eating almond butter with honey mixed in. Oh – the agony she caused! Well, not really. More like the rush to the pantry! I had been slowly munching on a jar of almond butter that had lasted me a few weeks already. She mentioned the honey, and that jar was gone! And the next one was gone a few days later. EVIL! and so tasty!

So – I am very glad that we are omitting these sweet temptations for two weeks. I am also trying to use this time to reduce my cravings for any sugars, and to really cut back on my fruit intake. We’ll see how it goes…




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