154 – Vulnerability

7 11 2010

I think I’ve been a little afraid to post again since I posted my progress and pictures. Even though all of the comments I have received have been amazing, including lots of encouragement, I have been feeling extremely vulnerable. Posting pictures was a really hard thing to do. But – tremendously rewarding. Putting myself out there like that – wow! I don’t think I’ve ever put myself out there in that way, or to that extent before. It is liberating and more than a little scary.

But – since then, I have been feeling pretty good. I am noticing more and more little changes in my body. I am noticing more muscle and less dangling flab on my arms. I am noticing that my little love handles on my hips are really little now! I am noticing things like the fact that I have lats. And they show! That was really cool to see as I was brushing my teeth today. And – the best part is that I am feeling so much more comfortable in my body. I am okay with seeing myself naked. With being naked! Before I couldn’t handle it, because I didn’t even want to look at myself, let alone have my husband look at me. I felt ugly and overweight. Now – I feel sexy, alive and vivacious!

So – I have come to the conclusion that exposing oneself to a little vulnerability is a good thing. it helps to teach us a little bit about ourselves, and makes us really face up to who we are, and where we are at in our lives. Thanks for helping me through these little vulnerabilities!




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