156 – 12 mile hike…

9 11 2010

Today I hiked 12 miles. In snow. And no – it was not up hill both ways, but it was up hill one way, and we were at about 8000′ elevation. It felt amazing. And now my legs are killing me! I kept telling myself, and my boss (who I was hiking with) that I was still going to do my CrossFit workout when I got home. Yeah right! Jeremy gave me a quick leg and foot massage so I didn’t cramp up, I ate, am going to take a shower and go to bed.

I like to think of myself as rugged. I think I am to a little extent, but that 12 miles kicked my butt! and my legs, and my feet. BUt it felt so good to do. felt so good to be moving, to be cold, to be playing in the snow and jumping and breaking all the ice puddles! And the best part – I got paid to do it! Gotta love that. Anyways. I just thought I’d share my pain with you. Excited to see how I feel tomorrow as I’m hiking around another mountain… ouch!




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