159 – Fear

12 11 2010

I have started to realize just how much fear affects my life. As I have gained so much in the last 5 months (except for weight:)), I am now really afraid of losing everything I have earned and gained. I am afraid of gaining that weight back. I am afraid of becoming an unhappy person again. of letting myself go. losing my fitness.

I don’t want to fear. I want to love what I have now, and continue along this path. It is so easy sometimes to fall back into the old habits, eat too much, not exercise, be negative. It is hard to stay up on all of these improvements. But – I know that I will succeed. I know that I will make it. It just takes effort. I will get there, and continue getting there, and not slip back into the old routines.

Thank you for helping me realize these dreams and not give in to those fears.




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