166 – Gluten Free Cooking

19 11 2010

I have to say that I love it! I really do. And I am finally getting to the point where I am okay with not eating out at restaurants, and saying no to foods that I know will just upset my stomach. Well, almost. There are still exceptions.

But – we had a fundraiser today at a Mexican restaurant here in town for Search and Rescue. My team was not very happy with me that I didn’t eat anything, but they don’t have anything there that I can eat. I tried a few weeks ago, and ended up with gut rot! No thank you! Not going to do that again! So – I didn’t order anything, and had a wonderful allergen free dinner here at home.

I am loving cooking gluten free. It has opened me up to so much more experimentation with food. I love cooking! I love food! I love learning more about all these awesome foods, ingredients and recipes. I just keep finding more really great recipes that I want to try out! I can’t wait. The hard part is deciding which ones to try…

Tomorrow I am going to do a wild-rice stuffed acorn squash with baked chicken or maybe shrimp burgers…. Yum! And all the gluten free desserts! If only I could handle the sugar. I tried one cookie recipe today and substituted honey for the sugar. Still wayyyyyy too much sugar for me. Got a headache. I know I will eventually figure it all out, but I am having a blast with the experimenting so far! Gotta love it!




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