168 – Deadlifts…

21 11 2010

I have decided I need to work on my technique at a different time than my regular workout of the day! I did work on the deadlift today, before I did my warmup and workout, and I couldn’t even finish my workout. I barely got through half of it! That sucks!

But – I feel like I am finally starting to get and understand the deadlift. I feel like the right parts of my body are moving at the right times, and in the right sequence. The right parts are getting tired when they should be.

And!!!! the best part, I almost got my first pull-up today. I got so close! I was able to pull myself up so that my nose was about at the bar. I just couldn’t get the last couple inches! But – I’ll be practicing that every day, and hopefully within a couple weeks, I will finally get it!




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