173 – Post Thanksgiving Thanks

26 11 2010

Yesterday was thanksgiving, and it was a beautiful, wondrous day! I love that we have a holiday that is dedicated to giving thanks. I hope that people still look at it that way, and actually do think about what they are thankful for. For me – I am thankful for so many things.

Among them, I am thankful for this project. Project Restore Me has helped me to learn more about myself, my health, food and life. I am so thankful for what it has brought into my life.

But most of all I am thankful for my health and my love. My love being my family, friends, husband… I am so grateful to have such wonderful beings in my life, loving me, supporting me and pushing me.

I think all of this came together perfectly yesterday. We woke to a beautiful breakfast of organic vegies scrambled together with eggs. Then went on a hike (steep and long…) up a beautiful mountain overlooking our town. We were able to give thanks to Mother Earth through our vast appreciation of her. And then the gorgeous dinner! I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner. And we were able to make the most amazing dinner, completely gluten and dairy free (except for stuffing which the boys insisted on having…). It was amazing. So scrumptious.

So – thank you world for helping to provide for me. for showing me the way. for teaching me about life, love, happiness and health!




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